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The fundamental role of an Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle (ARRV) is to recover disabled combat tanks and take them to a place, where they can be repaired and replenished to be ready for battle again. Each individual tank is an important combat asset and keeping it battle-fit at the right location is a major logistic effort.

Arjun ARRVs are built as variants of Main Battle Tanks - Arjun MBT. Main automotive components and sub-systems are virtually identical to the battle tank. This commonality ensures simplified spares inventory and crew training leading to easier and more efficient logistics. The ARRV is a highly dedicated vehicle and has no armament other than a 12.5 mm AD Gun and crew weapons for local defense.

ARRV is powered by 1400 hp diesel engine with fully automatic transmission. ARRV consist of major recovery systems driven by hydraulic power 

  • Main Winch - 50 tonne Double capstan-type,
  • Auxiliary winch - 2 tonne Double capstan-type,
  • Crane  - 20 tonne with 3m working radius,
  • Anchor-cum-Dozer 

Vehicle has all major repair facilities like welding, drilling, cutting, grinding, air compressor etc powered by 15 kVA APU.

ARRV is equipped with Digital Control Harness (DCH) and other advanced communication system along with Advanced Land Navigation System (ALNS) & GPSMAP 78sc hand held navigation device. Vehicle is integrated with highly precise vision system like periscopes, episcopes and night vision for driver and commander.

Vehicle has crew protection systems like NBC and instant fire suppression system.

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